Ibiza, a raw natural beauty

Some of the inhabitants of Ibiza have not always lived there. If you ask them why they decided to stay, a common answer would be: I just came to Ibiza and I am still here.

The island has a fascinating magnetism for all kind of people, specially the talented ones.

Ibiza has more than fifty gorgeous beaches of crystal clear, turquoise waters. One of the best ways to explore the island is, of course, by boat. A boat rental in Ibiza is always a nice way of experiencing this magical island and its atmosphere.

It was considered magical since the early Phoenicians. They believed it to be a magic isle blessed by the Gods because of its rich soil. To this day, many people wear amulets containing this sacred soil.

Ibiza offers over than 200 km of coastline which make your sailing holiday a unique experience to remember for a long time.

Ibiza is also a mythical island. According to the predictions of Nostradamus, the peculiar wind patterns over Ibiza will ensure that Ibiza is the sole environment which could support life after a nuclear disaster.

The island of Es Vedra, a large magnetic rock which can be reached by boat, is one of the most magnetic spots on earth and it has been the centre of myths, legends and stories for years. Es Vedra’s mystical stories go way back 1000’s of years with stories of sea Nymphs and mermaids calling the rock island home. Es Vedra is a magical location that you can only visit by boat. Do not miss it!

There are so many reasons why the White Island is a must-visit location at least once in your life. Already booked?

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