Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a reservation and there is bad weather?

Answer: If there is inclement weather at the day of your reservation and we cancel your outing, you will be contacted and provided the option of changing your date subject to your availability, the availability of boats and the weather forecast. If, for any reason, we cannot change it, your will be provided the option of a refund or credit.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Answer: A reservation can be canceled for urgent family reasons – i.e. mishap / accident / death of a relative or of the client – or adverse weather conditions, in which case the policy explained in the previous question applies.

What is the charter duration?

Answer: Daily charter means charter from 10:00h. to 20.00h.

In the case of several days charter, days are counted by periods of 24 hours from the client’s boarding time.

Are towels and drinks included?

Answer: Yes, Ibiza Boat Renting provides towels and drinks (beer, water, soft drinks) on all boats. You can bring other non-included drinks such as liquors and wines.

What is the rate of fuel consumption?

Answer: The rate of fuel consumption is different in each boat. The rate of fuel consumption is specified in the sheets which are given to the clients and it is expressed in liters of fuel per working hour of the engine. An average day means between 1.5 and 2 working hours of the engine and fuel price typically ranges from 1.00 € to 1.50 € per liter.

Are there flexible schedules for departing from and returning to the port?

Answer: we try to be as much flexible as possible regarding our schedules, specially when clients get on board late (after noon). Nontheless, remember that regarding day charters, regulation obliges to return to port before (or during) the sunset; with respect to several days charter, regulation obliges to spend the nights at anchor (not sailing), unless the boat has a special licence to sail at night.

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