Ibiza is a magic word. Close your eyes… I am sure you can actually listen to the sound of the sea, feel the sun and, of course, follow the beat. When thinking of Ibiza, a few things spring to mind. The sandy beaches, that amazing Ibiza boat party, bikinis, luxury yachts and private boats… The island has it all and there are a few surprising facts we are sure you didn’t know about it.

The first is the origin of the name of the island. Ibiza was originally called “Ibossim’, founded by Phoenician settlers who dedicated the island to Bes; the Greek god of music and dance. What a nice coincidence… Can you picture yourself out dancing till dawn while sailing Ibiza?

Ibiza has so much to do… Put down your mobile phone and rent a boat in Ibiza… Are you up for a catamaran tour through the bay surrounding San Antonio?

Ibiza is worldwide known because of its nightlife but it is also a World Heritage Site for its architecture, coastline and sea life. Maybe that is why Ibiza boat trips are so popular as they are one of the best options to enjoy all it has to offer to our senses. You can hire a boat in Ibiza with no license (crew included) so that you can focus on the great views and the perfect vibes of the island.

Another interesting fact: the orange colour of the soil in Ibiza comes from the tannin in the pine. There are so many pine trees that the Greeks called Ibiza one of the Islas Pitiusas (Islands of Pine Trees). A yacht charter on Ibiza is a great idea in order to navigate to Ibiza’s & Formentera’s trendiest beaches, bays and restaurants.

Did you know that the island’s government has decreed that all new hotels in Ibiza must be five-star? How cool is that?

If you have the chance, Ibiza is a one life’s must see destination which has been for a long while a magnet to celebrities and famous people. Come and enjoy Ibiza!

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